Gina Rodriguez To Star In Netflix Film ‘Awake’ From ‘Kodachrome’ Director | Film News


Gina Rodriguez has already worked with Netflix twice, on the film Someone Great and the animated series Carmen Sandiego. She must have had good experiences because the Golden Globe winner has signed on for another collaboration with the streaming giant. Rodriguez will star in Netflix’s post-apocalyptic thriller Awake.


The film will revolve around a sudden global event that wipes out all electronics and removes humankind’s ability to sleep. Naturally, chaos ensues. Jill, an ex-soldier with a troubled past holds the key to a cure in the form of her daughter, Matilda. Can she save the world before the sleep deprivation begins to severely dismantle her mind?


Mark Raso, who previously directed Kodachrome, another Netflix film, will direct. He’s also written the script alongside his brother Joseph Raso and Greg Poirer. Production will start later this summer.


Rodriguez initially broke out as the lead on Jane The Virgin, and most recently starred in the English-language remake of crime drama Miss Bala. She’s also made it a mission to change the industry for the better. Her production company – I Can And I Will Productions – has numerous projects in development hailing from female writers and storytellers of colour.


Netflix have attempted big, sci-fi blockbusters before, but few have paid off. Perhaps Awake can buck the trend and have the success its predecessors failed to. The film will likely debut on Netflix sometime next year.



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