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San Francisco producer/DJ, Giraffage has just shared details of his latest release Too Real (Remixes), a Remix EP that was unveiled through Counter Records. The debut project has appearances from artists such as: Japanese BreakfastBody Language’s Angelica Bess and more. The EP is hailed to be a hit by many:


Slowly is a dreamy and intricate synth-pop odyssey that’s virtually impossible not to tap a toe to, luring you in with its buoyant hooks before revealing its more compelling and complex depths.”, says PASTE.


The project includes a wide array of remixes from artists that I really respect, spanning many genres. It’s an honor to have these talented artists remix my tracks! I hope you enjoy!!“, says Giraffage of the new Too Real EP.


The EP was initially curated by the producer, and has various feature versions of particular tracks by RAC, CarpainterMasayoshi IimoriOnra and Hiko Momoji.


The new record by Giraffage invites us into his personal journey of self healing. He spent the last two years in his bedroom in San Francisco to record and create his LP, and every single in the Too Real EP presents a different stage in his life.


1. Maybes (feat. Japanese Breakfast) (RAC Remix)
2. Green Tea (feat. Angelica Bess) (Carpainter Remix)
3. Maybes (feat. Matosic) (Masayoshi Iimori Remix)
4. Green Tea (feat. Angelica Bess) (Onra Remix)
5. Slowly (feat. Matosic) (Hiko Momoji Remix)


You can listen to Giraffage’s 5-tracklist EP now below




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