Girl Power With Beyoncé And Hillary Clinton? | Music News

The “Formation” Music video is paving the way for a new Beyoncé music era

The "Formation" Music video is Shows Queen B in a new light.


Ever since the surprise release of her self titled fifth album in 2014, fans of music have been trying to predict what the booty shaking Destiny’s Child star, Beyoncé, might do next. The appearance at Super Bowl 50 with a new surprise single “Formation” hasn’t helped the wait, as the rumour mill for her sixth album haven’t stopped circulating the web.


The “Formation” music video being exclusive to Tidal haven’t stopped millions of people viewing the controversial romp. Unsurprisingly, word on the street is that there is a new music video in the works. However, according to Us Weekly, she has been joined on set by none other than Hillary Clinton, who took time out from the heated presidential race, to meet the music icon.


It is unclear whether the star will appear in the video but the more likely example is that the two fierce women where just supporting one enother. Only last December was Clinton asked whether she would prefer to be president or Beyoncé. In any case the thought of the pair jirating on stage or dropping some sick beats, It’s just too much to bare thinking about.



Hillary clearly has fun whether she is running for President or living it up with a worldwide pop diva.


Source: Pitchfork



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