GIRLI – Day Month Second | Music Video


Directly from the heart of London, there is a new video from GIRLI, the pink electro-pop icon of the moment. “Day Month Second” is a super catchy break-up anthem, about the courage to live the present and a boost to do exactly what you feel you want to do.


After a string of success from last year EP Hot Mess and a special inspiration coming from writing sessions taken in LA, she’s back and ready with this new project. On top of this, a tour around the UK has been announced, starting July 20 at the Truck Festival in Oxfordshire, going all summer and autumn, until October 26 in Southampton.


In this video she strides around her London, with her unique pink head of hair and a group of street-dancers in a very boldy expressive way, following the beat of her powerful song.


The Guardian has defined GIRLI a “candy-punk kiss-off”. 20 years old, full of energy, she’s very well prepared after studying at a music college in Stratford. She has already gathered experience on-stage, accompanying and supporting DJ Kitty, the musician Oscar and touring with Declan McKenna.


And that’s not all: she’s politically involved and spoke at #FreePeriodsProtests at Parliament last year. Such a young artist that deserves to be discovered.




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