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Girls Against


When at a gig, you don’t tend to find signs that remind attendees not to grope or otherwise make people feel uncomfortable. Why? It should be common sense. However, some people need to be reminded that certain behaviour is intolerable. This is where Girls Against – an all-female campaign group who aim to stamp out sexual harassment at music concerts – come in.


As The Guardian reports, the group declare that:


“Thou shalt not grope, sexually harass or assault”.

“Thou shalt not make anyone feel uncomfortable to get a better space in the crowd”.

“Thou shalt not discriminate against anyone at the venue”.

“Thou shalt not heckle or sexualise band members” and, finally…

“Thou shalt not be an idiot”.


Each rule comes with a short paragraph that explains exactly why such behaviour is wrong and what it can do to those on the receiving end. Concerts should be nothing but fun, yet there have been many reported incidents of disgusting behaviour that bands themselves are also up in arms about.



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