Global Sustainability Initiative By New Standard Institute Aims To Change Fashion Industry | Fashion News


As we all know nowadays, the fashion industry seems to be indispensably linked to fast fashion, environmental problems and exploitation. This issue is hard to solve and even though awareness for this circumstance is rising and more eco-friendly brands are being founded, our environment and people in the so-called third world still suffer.


Furthermore some companies exploit the concerns of consumers to capitalize off the sustainability movement and use a marketing tactic commonly known as “greenwashing“. With this technique, they pretend to sell eco-friendly products, but keep their old productions standards.


Now the New Standard Institute have launched a new global sustainability initiative to finally transform the fashion industry to its best. In order for that to happen, they have released an open-source, data-based guideline titled Roadmap for the Rebuild.


This guideline was reviewed by scientists and lays out different ways to push the industry towards new agendas that aren’t only greenwashing strategies. All in all they describe ways for brands, media and consumers and urges us to demand more transparency of the operating brands.


We consumers can try to make better purchasing decisions and be aware of the impact our shopping routines have. The New Standard Institute advises to only buy quality pieces we truly like as well as fighting old habits and the urge to but new stuff over and over again.


Furthermore we can sign a NSI‘s petition that calls on companies to become more transparent and provide provide data and information that proves they are taking steps. If you’re interesting in the report, you can find out more here.



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