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Go Behind The Scenes With ‘Creed’ VFX Breakdown | Film News



Unless you’re watching a film like The Avengers or Star Wars, you don’t usually expect to see much visual effects. In fact they’re usually right there but we tend to ignore them when they don’t take the form of a giant robot or some distant alien planet like you might see in a movie such as Guardians of The galaxy or James Cameron‘s Avatar.


These types of effects, known as invisible effects, are usually very natural looking and are useful for things like removing unwanted objects from a scene, changing the time of day (day to night) or adding little details like muzzle flashes, blood spatter and atmospherics like snow and dust.


Creed, directed by Ryan Coogler, is a good example of a film that uses such invisible effects. A lot of the scenes were filmed live and then combined with other elements that had been filmed on green screen in post production. According to FXGuide, Munich based visual effects company BigHugFX was tasked with creating the stadium where the final fight in the film takes place, as well as the crowd within it.


The studios CEO Benedikt Laubenthal told FXGuide their main job “was to create a realistic crowd and stadium background“, which involved the creation of a computer generated crowd and stadium, which was then combined with live action footage of the actors to form the final scene. Below is a breakdown of some of the work done by BigHugFX:


“Creed” Making of visual effects BigHugFX GmbH from BigHugFX GmbH on Vimeo.



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