Golden Features – Years of Wars (Remix) + BoltCutter | New Music


Golden Features is a project that has been born and raised in 2014, bursting onto the scene in February this year and massing tones of hype and attention since. First surrounded in a mystery, the artists veil soon fell to reveal Sydney producer Tom Stell as the brain behind Golden Features. Tom dropped a free EP earlier in the year and since has done a whole lot of highly acclaimed gigs. Now the artist is dropping two pieces of new material; an original and a remix.


The remix is a complete transformation of Porter Robinson’s “Years Of War”, giving it a heavier feel, a darker beat and not much that resembles the high pitched synth original. The new Golden Features track “BoltCutter” is a simple bass heavy electro teaser, which hints at something massive but instead peters out a little disappointingly, but is still one for the clubs however. You can download the Golden Features EP from his Facebook page and check out the new material below.


“Years of Wars (Remix)”:





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