‘Gone Girl’ Author To Pen Heist Flick For Steve McQueen | Film News


Ever since her best selling novel Gone Girl was adapted by David Fincher and became a box office success, Gillian Flynn has been in serious demand in Hollywood. With her two other novels Dark Places and Sharp Objects also making their way to movie form and Fincher getting her to write his HBO Utopia mini-series, Flynn has a long career ahead of her and now has the job of penning a heist movie for 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen.


The premise of the flick sounds awesome; when a group of men involved in a robbery perish during the heist, it’s up to their mourning widows to finish the dangerous job. Having read two out of three Flynn novels, I can totally see her writing a brilliant story with this general narrative. She does ‘disturbed’ so very well and should tackle these female characters with real ease. I’m also a big fan of McQueen and his talent for character development is definitely something I can see going well this this type of movie. All in all, I’m pretty excited for the project!


Source: Deadline



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