‘Gone Girl’ Projected To Top US Box Office For Second Week | Film News


Well the update is in from last night (October 10), and it looks as though Amazing Amy has met her foe, was knocked off the top of the box office takings by Dracula Untold, albeit for one day. On Friday, Dracula Untold raked in $8.9 million on its first day at the theatres. This just triumphed over the thriller Gone Girl by a marging, as it took $8.15 million on the same day. Tracking is suggesting that, even though the fight will be close, Gone Girl will win the battle with $27 millions at the end of the weekend, with a possible $3 million lead over Dracula Untold. Time will tell who takes the most, the edge of your seat Gone girl or the fantasy flick Dracula Untold.



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