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Former One Direction member Zayn Malik has released his new track, “Good Years”, which will feature on his upcoming album Icarus Falls, releasing 14 December.


However, his fans’ attention seems to focus on whether the song is a message to his former bandmates in One Direction, with many tweeting the singer in response to the song. Is anyone else getting One Direction “History” vibes?


One twitter user even admitted to ‘crying in a corner’ after hearing the tune:



The name of the song itself does imply the artist is reminiscing about his time in the X factor finalist band, with lyrics like ‘nothing in the world could bring us down’, and he admits that abuse of drugs and alcohol at such a young age could have severed the boys friendship for good. He also fears that he wasted all his ‘good years’, and it seems to fans that he’d like to reconcile with his old friends.


Nonetheless, the soothing ballad has a beautifully sombre tone, and his voice compliments the pianists’ performance perfectly.


Listen below:




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