‘Gotham’ Season 2 Episode 12: Mr Freeze | TV Review

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‘Gotham’ Season 2 Episode 12: Mr Freeze | TV Review



For UK viewers there was no mid-season break just onto the next week. So the lengthy re-cap and flashbacks as Gordon (Ben McKensie) tells his lies does drag on but it highlights the strong culmination of some great storytelling in the last few episodes.


I was pretty excited by the last few episodes of Gotham. The series is finally living up to its premise and promise, so can this winning streak continue? I am very happy to report I really enjoyed this episode.


There are moments of stunning visuals that create a timeless and comic sensibility especially the lighting within the courthouse. There are also some harrowing well crafted CGI visuals, as a 360 degree shot is realised when an unlucky cop confronts the newly introduced Mr Freeze.


Nathan Darrow can only be better as Victor Fries following the camp footsteps of Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s doomed portrayal. There is plenty of other plot lines to be introduced and restarted but Mr Freeze’s origin will be given more than a short villain of the week arc as Gotham maintains its run of improved storytelling.


Also introduced is Hugo Strange (BD Wong); the show has finally nailed the look and feel of the famous Arkham Asylum with the addition of this unhinged Professor. This episode also throws fan-favourite Penguin into uncharted vulnerable territory, which allows Robin Lord Taylor plenty more to sink his acting chops into.


The episode’s tone is also back to a series best with Donal Logue being able deliver some great comic relief discussing the pronunciation of Mr Fries!


The second half of the season dubbed The Wrath of the Villains has arrived in style.



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