‘Gotham’ Season 2 Episode 13: A Dead Man Feels No Cold | TV Review



I am really starting to enjoy the Gotham brand on a consistent basis with another strong episode that combines new characters well. Some may say the Mr Freeze (Nathan Darrow) origins may be rushed, but where he ends up is far more interesting than the standard tragic love story.


BD Wong continues to impress as as the promisingly creepy Hugo Strange and his power over the once almighty Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) becomes apparent as he reduced to playing duck duck goose. Strange looks to be the gathering force behind the wrath of the villains.


The other threads are well paced with surprise elements especially as David Mazouz looks more like a future Batman every week as he hones his reflexes.


Donal Logue is criminally underused again, he often acts as the audience highlighting the ridiculous nature of events but in an entertaining grounded manner compared to the broody Ben McKensie.


Gotham is filmed well and continues to look great, accepting with pride its comic book origins and sensibility within a timeless Gotham city.



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