‘Gotham’ Season 2 Episode 2 – The Joker Begins |TV Review



The episode titled Knock Knock is one of the strongest episodes of Gotham yet and very enjoyable. It is structured to engineer the return of GPDs very own dark knight out of retirement Donal Logue‘s Harvey Bullock. To achieve this the GPD has to go through a deadly attack at the hands of the escaped Arkham group, the Maniax.


The highlight is again the villains as the proto-Joker begins to discover his character. Cameron Monaghan‘s performance manages to be unique whilst echoing previous jokers. He utilises the vocal dexterity of Mark Hamill with lines that were pure Jack Nicholson and the piece to camera at the end brought Heath Ledger to mind. It is a dangerous move to evoke Ledger but it fits in the episode and the nature of the show.


The dynamic between Jim and Barbara is more interesting than anything they did in the first season. The Wayne Manor story quietly evolves giving the ever-watchable Sean Pertwee more to do, including some great dialogue whilst recruiting Lucius Fox.


The multiple episode storyline is really working for this season. This is the first great episode of Gotham not to feature the Penguin and I hope the audience continues to grow.



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