‘Gotham’ Season 2 Episode 5: The Wayne Family Origins | TV Review



Here we go again. The series has slipped back into a rushed villain of the week episode. This episode titled “Scarification” breezes through the origins of the Firefly. The character quickly evolves from crying at the thought of crime to revelling in it, including attacking GCPDs new Strike Force members. One of the dull and forgettable Strike Force may just meet their “match” at the hands of the firefly.


This episode tried to do too much so the new characters were underserved. The second season’s strength is the season long narrative arc and this episode adds plenty of backstory. Gotham is now playing fast and loose with DC lore and introducing a unique version of the Dark Knight’s origins. Whilst there was no Bruce Wayne in the episode his family history and how it relates to Theo Galavan was revealed. This adds a nice bit of depth to Galavan’s character and motivation.


Robin Lord Taylor‘s Penguin remains watchable as he becomes increasingly unhinged and volatile struggling to keep a grip on his hard earned power. Ed Nygma was shoe-horned in to remind us he is still developing, but a potential comedy fondue dinner date was quickly passed by.


This episode is better than last week but still sorely missing the Jerome-centric opening trilogy. For better or worse this is the DC TV series I have decided to stick with. After Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones I just know it can be done so much better.


The main flaw for me is such an extended series run. In amongst the crammed 20+ episodes there is a strong 12 episodes waiting to be edited into existence. Oh well, at least there is a little mystery element keeping me interested that was lacking from season one. See you next week!



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