‘Gotham’ Season 2, Episode 7: Mummy’s Little Monster | TV Review

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‘Gotham’ Season 2, Episode 7: Mummy’s Little Monster | TV Review



Gotham does seem to be learning from past mistakes and abandoning its villain of the week structure in favour of character driven season spanning arcs. On the negative side so much happened in this episode characters weren’t given enough time to react.


Robin Lord Taylor‘s Penguin is sent on a collision course with Theo Galavan (James Frain) after he steps up the timeline of his evil master plan. There have been many shoot outs in Gotham and this episode escalates into an mass shooting at an events for the new mayor. The unique aspect is a hoard of Penguin lookalikes but like the rest of the episode it’s is quickly brushed over.


Another member of the nameless Strike Force is probably killed off, not sure, can’t remember! Ben McKensie‘s straight leading main is so straight he continues to be boring and once again the characters of interest are the villains.


Cory Michael Smith‘s Ed Nygma’s in true riddler style sets himself a treasure hunt of riddles leading to a visual treat of the merging with his alter ego. The riddler is starting to reap the benefits of his slow development.


Overall another average episode that has learnt from past mistakes. But has the show dipped too far into Mediocracy to ever flourish into something more?



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