Gould Reveals New Remix Of ‘I Wish I Had A Heart’ By Zoey Lily | Music News


“I Wish I Had A Heart” remixed by Gould on the sounds of Zoey Lily is where Alternative Pop meets EDM. This remix is the result of the meeting sounds of the pure voice of Zoey Lily singing her “I Wish I Had a Heart” and the musical creativity of the mixing beats of Gould.


After letting himself getting transported by her voice, Gould has decided to contact Zoey Lily to give her melancholic sound his hard hitting sound through his mixing touch. The result is a wonderful blending of genres.


The soft voice of Zoey Lily runs lightly on the mixing tabs which are fully shaped by her voice and have the power to follow her notes, transforming the song into an electro pop creation which is blended with her vocal delicatesse. Gould has shown the ability he has had to feel the power and the potential of her voice, valorizing her and creating  a piece of high quality.


The two musical artists come from different musical realities. Zoey Lily has been born and raised between the hectic metropolis of London and the rural serenity of southern French village Les Mayons developing into music her creative instinct to a multicultural and multilingual upbringing.


On the other side, Gould is a multi-instrumentalist composer, producer and sound designer who started playing at an early age, always cultivating in him his passion for music, changing from composing classical piano music, to self taught guitar and then hip hop production.


We hope that we will hear another musical production from themn in the future, which could give result only to something incredibly unique.


Listen to the song below:




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