Graham Coxon – The Cruel Mother (Shirley Collins Cover) | New Music


Shirley Collins, the seminal figure of English Folk, has become a recent inspiration, her influence has shed light on many great musicians, such as the wonderful Linda Thompson, and a more recent musical icon, Blur’s Graham Coxon. Shirley’s career was most alive in the 1960s and 1970s, but her inspiration will never see a dim moment; just as long as the music continues to exist. Her voice is simply one dripping with beauty, she’s kind of a rare find, but once you’ve found her you’ll never let go.


A brand new tribute to her is coming in the form of an album which is going to be available on Record Store Day 2015, called Shirley Inspired, which will feature many artists covering some of her original songs. One of which will be Graham Coxon covering Collins’ classic “The Cruel Mother”. Coxon’s cover is going to feature on this Shirley Inspired worldwide limited edition of 1,000 triple-vinyl albums, which will be released by Earth Recordings. Listen to Coxon’s cover of “The Cruel Mother” below.




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