Gramatik + Galactic Marvl – Voyager Twins | Music Video


Slovenian hip hop and electronic music producer Gramatik unveils today, the music video for his new music single titled “Voyager Twins”, featuring Galactic Marvl via Lowtemp Records.


The single is being brought to life thanks to an official animated music video directed by the design studio Supermassive and created with the illustrator Fernando Leon collaborations. The video shoes a very young and fun version of the famous Voyager II lunch from the NASA base in 1977. Gramatik exports his sound beyond the solar system and even the aliens seem to appreciate his BIT.


“Voyager Twins” is a strong song that can be played in every night club. The sounds offered by the two artists are varied and well-armed, the vocal parts are short but very interesting.


After having played in a lot of important music festival this summer (EDC Las Vegas, Lollapalooza, FM4 Frequency Festival and more), Gramatik is ready to start is new European tour. The artist will perform live at the Festival Les Bulles Sonores in French on October 22 and also at the Vienna Arena on November 12. You can discover the full tour data here.


While you’re waiting to enjoy an amazing Gramatik live performance, you can watch the music video for “Voyager Twins” below.




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