GRAMMYs Announce New Study On Representation Of Women In Music | Music News


The Grammys organization is working on a brand new project, and are set to launch a study on the representation of women in the music industry.


The music industry has still to make improvements regarding women, they are under-represented, also the minorities have been even less represented, and with International Women’s Day this week, the timing of their study seems perfect, and should be a great step forwards for women of all colors.


For their study, the music organization is collaborating with the prestigious American college, Berklee College of Music as well as Arizona State University.


It has been shown that only 26% of the nominees of this year’s Grammy Awards across over 83 different categories were women. Out of a total of 853 nominees, only 198 nominees are women.


Susan Whitehead, chair of the Berklee College of Music said about the study, “The music industry is in need of a broad gender study that examines women representation beyond today’s popular music… We look forward to working with the Recording Academy to develop a strong methodology for this study and to authentically address the lack of women representation in the music industry“.


The Grammys have had a bad reputation for the representation of women in their events so it is a good way to make progress in the music industry itself but also in the organization. The studies should be unveiled in 2022.



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