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South African native Gregory Alan Isakov who now resides in Boulder, Colorado is due to release his latest album featuring the Colorado Symphony. The new album marks a milestone for the singer-songwriter which is due for release on June 10 on Isakov’s own Suitcase Town Music label. The album finds Isakov cracking his catalog wide open to see what else he—and we—can learn about them. Alongside this, the album features songs from Isakov’s previous three studios releases, along with the debut studio recording of “Liars,” which has been a fan favourite for the past few years. The album will be released on limited-edition LP, CD, and digitally.


Isakov says:


“I’ve always had this hunch that you can manifest whatever you really want if you dream hard.I think I wrote down this idea a bunch of times, thinking it would be so incredible. And when it finally happened, I was just over the moon. It’s not that I thought these were better versions than the ones we put out before, but I think these versions are so different, and this collaboration with the symphony gave the songs a whole new angle”.


Listen to the recent single release from the album “Master & a Hound” below.




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