‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Soundtrack Cassette Sales Flourish | Music News


Record Store Day’s Black Friday event last year saw a reproduction of the hugely successful Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtrack Awesome Mix Vol. 1 in cassette format in collaboration with Disney through Marvel/Hollywood Records, and the sales figures soared, not only for the casssette, but for cassettes in general as a result.


Although considered a redundant format from a by-gone era, the cassette of the album was hugely popular due to it’s on-screen
format, and people were quick to have the tape in their collection. A rep from National Audio Company, which made
the Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtrack cassette tape, reported that 11,500 copies were made last year – the company’s biggest 2014 order – and “almost 5,000 are in production now with additional reorders expected“.


James Gunn, the director of Guardians Of The Galaxy, has talked of his fondness for music and making mixtapes, saying of the Awesome Mix, “I’ve spent my whole life compulsively collecting music and making all sorts of mixes for my siblings and friends and girlfriends. I feel like this soundtrack was an opportunity to make a mix CD for the whole world“.



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