Gucci And Claudio Cutugno Court Controversy At Milan Fashion Week | Fashion News


It’s still early days at this year’s Milan Fashion Week and it has already been branded as scandalous. To make it in the fashion world nowadays, you have to create something totally unique, outrageous or breathtakingly beautiful. Each Fashion Week from London, New York, Paris and Milan, compete with each other to be the best fashion capital in the world, needless to say the shock factor from Milan Fashion Week this year has been off the scale with their designs.


The Italian designers Claudio Cutugno started off with the controversial idea of painting the models’ faces black, which has caused an uproar with the public. He said the look he is going for is based upon the artist Emilio Isgrò who uses bees in his work. Gucci have also designed a unique pair of long haired shoes which look like wigs on the feet, matching them with long flowing floral dresses and skirts, the contrast of the different textures and materials is so odd, it kind of works. They have also sent most of their models down the cat walk wearing see through tops which is perfect for the catwalk but not so much for everyday wear.




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