Gucci’s Fashion Show At Milan FW Has A Sci-Fi Taste For AW17 | Fashion News


Now it is time for Italy to become the world’s fashion capital. From today up to next Tuesday, Milan will display some of the best outfits that will definitely leave a track on the FW17 trends.


Gucci starts to rock from the show invitations: vinyl records in sleeves designed by photographer, Coco Capitan. On side A, Florence Welch reads from Songs Of Innocence And Experience by William Blake and, on side B, A$AP Rocky reads A Love Letter From Frederic Wentworth To Anne Elliot from Persuasion by Jane Austen.


The catwalk reveals a maze-like structure with a pyramid at the centre, making the models walked out through glass corridors like they were on a spaceship.


The theme of the fashion show was ‘The Alchemist’s Garden: an anti-modern laboratory’, where the Gucci designer, Alessandro Michele, manifests his ‘anti-modern’ reaction to the world in a mix of vintage yet futuristic features. Some examples? Graffitied Japanese sun parasols and UFOs printed on the silk dresses.


Watch this incredible fashion show on the link below:




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