Guillermo Del Toro Reportedly Departs DC’s ‘Dark Universe’? | Film News


It has been reported that Guillermo Del Toro, master behind works such as Pans Labyrinth, Hellboy and Pacific Rim has announced that he is to take a step back from Warner Bros‘ plans for a DC Dark Universe film. Dark Universe is set around heroes that are supernatural as opposed to traditionally ‘super’ – which will help to fold Vertigo characters into the main universe of existing DC superhero movies.


Amidst Warner Bros. focus on Justice League heroes, the Dark Universe film has been announced to contain Sandman, amongst other Vertigo titles. Sources say that Del Toro, when asked about the film, stated that characters in the running for a spot in the movie are Hellblazer, The Spectre, The Demon, Swamp Thing, Deadman and Zatanna, with fatherZatara.


Del Toro is set to release Crimson Peak this October, with Pacific Rim 2 in the works for an August 2017 release. In the middle of these, he will be working on Hellboy 3, and TV series Carnival Row for release in 2016. In addition to all of this, a new Pinocchio film has also been announced with attachments to Del Toro. There’s just not enough of Guillermo to go around, and unfortunately this means he is to cut ties with certain projects.


As production for Dark Universe is further delayed, we may have quite a wait until knowledge of a new frontrunner is released. Even so, there are lots of DC Justice League movies to look forward to, to keep your thirst for the DC Movie Universe under control – with Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice to be released in March 2016, David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad in August 2016, and Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman in June 2017.



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