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Guillermo Del Toro has been teasing us for months about his newest project, The Shape Of Water, which finally has a release date. But we are no closer to knowing that much more about the project.


Teasing started back in August when Del Toro announced he was starting production on a film which would include Michael Shannon, Sally Hawkins and Del Toro regular, Doug Jones. Since then we learned it would be fantasy and that it would be set during the Cold War. Knowing, Del Toro, this was to be expected.


Thankfully Jones is here to spill the beans and has revealed some enticing plot details during an interview. We now know Jones will, once again, be under makeup Prosthetics to play a “fish man”.


“I’m a fish man that’s kind of a one-off. I’m an enigma, nobody knows where I came from; I’m the last of my species so I’m like a natural anomaly. And I’m being studied and tested in a U.S. government facility in 1963, so the Russian Cold War is on, the race for space is on, so there’s all that backdrop and that undercurrent”.


He goes on to admit that: “I’m being tested for how can they use me for advantages in military or space travel, or my technology—can we make this usable for humans? So they’re trying to keep me a secret from the Russians”.


We also know there will be some kind of love story, most likely involving Sally Hawkins.


Adept of the fantastic, to say the least, Del Toro is known for his work on Pan’s Labyrinth, The Hobbit and Crimson Peak. He has been known to enjoy mixing the terrifying, the beautiful and the fantastic to create a true cinematic experience.


After flirting with TV last year with his acclaimed animated and joyful Trollhunters, Del Toro is now ready to come back to films.


Are we set for a new terrific cinematic ride? With no released trailer and only a mysterious aquatic poster to indulge us, it looks like we are going to have to wait.


What we do know is the release date puts Del Toro‘s “other-worldly story” in the race for the oscars and according to chatterbox Jones: “If this doesn’t end up with Guillermo back at the Oscars, I will be surprised. I will be very surprised”.


The Shape of Water, also starring Octavia Spencer, will be released by Searchlight Pictures in the US on December 8.



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