Hackney Artist GRAMN. Releases New Single ‘Mini Milk’ | Music News


Hackney artist GRAMN. is returning with her brand new track “Mini Milk”. Thereby she makes an important contribution to current discourses about racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.


GRAMN. follows up on the success of her previous punchy single “Freak Out”. The artist stands out with critical songwriting and a R&B sound, influenced by neo-soul, contemporary, alternative and indie elements.


After years of working with London talent’s including Kemi Ade and Jerome Thomas, Awks started to build up her own music career. GRAMN. is mostly known for her unique DIY sound and her brutally honest songwriting. Even in times of the worldwide lockdown GRAMN. managed to record her music and didn’t let stop to share important messages.


In “Mini Milk”, GRAMN. merges classic R&B sounds with a soulful haunt of jazz. The track is build on dreamy myths, guitars and pianos, creating a full and lush sound. Above everything hovers the powerful vocal line of Awk.


“Mini Milk” is meant to be the “spoonful of sugar that will make the medicine go down in the wake of the current Black Lives Matter movement”. Awks explains further: “When your white friends put a black square on their socials but freeze when you’re getting harassed in the street – that ain’t enough”.


GRAMN. calls attention on corporations that pretend to stand in solidarity with black lives but fired black employees for trying to get safer pandemic working conditions. “Words alone are not enough, we need actions – and we need actions to believe your words”, she points out. Listen to the song below.




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