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Indie-pop band Haim has reportedly fired their agent after finding out that for a particular festival appearance one male artist was paid exactly ten times more than them.


The girls, who in the past few years have achieved a lot of critical and popular success, have built quite the resumé, opening for the likes of Taylor Swift, Mumford & Sons and Florence + the Machine. However, the three sisters, who created the group in 2007 and are currently touring their last album Something To Tell You, were clearly left outraged by the news.


Refusing to give out the name of the artist, the band took action into their own hands, firing their agent and denouncing what is still a very common practice. According to a survey published in Pitchfork in early May, the gender gap for the 2018’s music festival lineups is still alarmingly huge, with male artists making up, on an average, for more than a half (70% to be precise) of the festivals’ lineups.


This disparity shows how it is still a man’s world. A world in which female musicians have to be ten time better than their male counterpart if they want to be paid the same. If this is not enough to put down a more decisive foot, I don’t know what it is.



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