Haim – My Song 5 (Movement Version) | New Music



Before the Haim sisters were yet to be heard by the mainstream, they had toured with the likes of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, The Henry Clay People and Kesha. But after the release of their three track EP Forever which was released for free download in February 2012, the music press and general public instantly realized how good they actually were, making them grow into the huge band they are now.


They continued their rise in the music industry when they released their much awaited album Days are Gone which included the tracks that topped the charts pretty quickly. Today on their album’s first year anniversary, they have released another version of their simply named single “My Song 5” , remixed by The Movement. With the slowed down vocals of the original song over a basic beat, this remix is a simple one but still a good listen. So here it is below.




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