Halle Berry Joins Mark Wahlberg On ‘Our Man from New Jersey’ For Netflix | Film News


American actress Halle Berry has been officially cast to star alongside Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming Netflix film Our Man from New Jersey.


The two actors are no strangers to the streaming giant, as they have both recently collaborated with Netflix on various films. Mark Wahlberg starred in Spenser Confidential last year, which was a big hit on Netflix, while Halle Berry starred in her first Netflix film in Bruised.


Regarding Our Man from New Jersey, Netflix has remained tight-lipped about the upcoming film and has given very few details about the plot at this time. According to Variety, the film is “a blue collar James Bond”.


Halle Berry is no stranger to spy films, having previously played Jinx in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day.


Both actors are also used to being seen in action films.


David Guggenheim is the screenwriter for the film and is also behind the hit Netflix series Designated Survivor and the film Safe House, and Mark Wahlberg will produce the film with Stephen Levinson, who he previously produced Spenser Confidential with.


Netflix has a spy thriller in store for us that could be more than worthwhile with two main actors who are used to this kind of role, the release date has not yet been revealed but stay tuned!



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