Halsey + Lauren Jauregui – Strangers | Music Video


American singer Halsey has released the video for “Strangers” with Fifth Harmony member, Lauren Jauregui from her second album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.


“Strangers” is a pop song that includes electro synths in the background, which give to the song a special and romantic aura. The song was written by herself, Lauren Jauregui and Greg Kurstin. Following the storyline of the album, the song is about two characters, Luna (Halsey) and Rosa (Lauren) that meet in a “crazy house party”.


The party also features “Alone” and “Heaven In Hiding”. In the song, they express their feelings during their first meeting. Also, Halsey described a song as an LGBTQ love song.


The music video recreates another scene where Luna gets involved in a fight with Rosa because they belong to different houses. In the end, Luna wins the fight and Solis meets her after the fight, fall for each other and changes their houses necklaces. The music video is the beginning of the love story of Luna and Solis, that is the focus theme of the concept album.




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