HANA2K Shares New Single ‘Daydreaming’ | Music News

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HANA2K Shares New Single ‘Daydreaming’ | Music News


Emerging singer-songwriter from Wales HANA2K has shared a new single titled “Daydreaming”. In the anthemic pop banger, the young musician addresses her teenage crush.


HANA2K, also known as Hana Evans, was born in 2000 (hence her stage name) near Cardiff. Having learnt to play the piano at a very young age, she became a self-taught guitarist and decided to pursue a career in music.


“When I was twelve, I sat my mum and dad down for a serious chat”, the artist recalls. “I said: ‘It’s fine, I’m ready to leave school now, I know what I want to do — I’m going to be a singer’”. One year later, Hana started uploading her tracks on SoundCloud, attracting the attention of high-profile labels.


Inspired by hitmakers like Charli XCX, Katy Perry and Britney Spears, as well as J-pop artists, HANA2K has developed her own distinctive style, offering fans a unique blend of smooth, mellow vocals and heartfelt, introspective lyrics.


Her latest track called “Daydreaming” explores the theme of a teenage crush. Speaking about the song, Hana said, “Have you ever liked someone so much that you think about them all day? You never make a move; you just dream about the perfect date because you know the dream is so perfect why spoil it!”.


Earlier this year HANA2K released her successful single “Call Her My Name”. Her other previous works include “Jealousy” and “Too Close”. The young singer has received backing from BBC Introducing and gained attention of many music magazines, including Wonderland, Popjustice and Clash.


Listen to “Daydreaming” here:




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