‘Happy Valley’ Series 2, Episode 2 | TV Review

happy valley2


This second episode was as dramatic as ever. Human trafficking has been discovered in the town which has become very personal to Catherine, which could put people she cares about in danger.


There are a lot of characters who have different storylines that are unexplained at the moment. However things will undoubtedly link up as the series goes along. The last series was similar in that there were quite a few characters with different stories which are gradually revealed as time goes on.


Slightly more is revealed about the mysterious prison visitor, Frances Drummond, who went to see Royce. Although her intentions are definitely not innocent, it is unclear what she intends to do by getting close to Ryan.


An extremely unnerving personality, however her dialogue is incredibly hard to understand. Other viewers seemed to have noticed the same thing. Although her character is meant to be strange, most of her dialogue is almost inaudible.


Another character who is bound to be connected to the wider storyline is Sean Balmforth (Matthew Lewis). He is unrecognisable as Neville from the Harry Potter film series and is convincing as a damaged, short tempered alcoholic. There will be more to come from him, possibly connected to the murders and trafficking that is going on.


As the series continues on the few laughs an audience are currently getting will reduce. As with the last series, the plot is getting darker and more complex as it goes on with more characters being introduced.


“You’ve demonstrated very, very poor judgement going there today”.



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