‘Happy Valley’ Series 2, Episode 3 | TV Review

happy valley


A lot has developed since last week in Happy Valley. Things seem to have deaerated for certain characters that will only get worse over the coming weeks. This week Frances continues to try and make Catherine’s life difficult with the encouragement of Royce. More bodies are discovered that places John in a compromised situation, which will no doubt interfere with his personal and work life.


One of the great things about Happy Valley is that the plot is not spelled out to the audience. There are lots of things going on within the story that are not always explained. Many of the characters are defiantly relevant and important somehow, but there is no way of knowing how or why yet.


One prominent example is Matthew Lewis’ character. He wasn’t in this episode but it is implied from the previous two there is more to his character than simply a builder with a drinking problem. However the viewer is being kept in the dark about this for the time being. The plot is not exactly complicated but there is a lot going on at the same time. This makes it easy to follow while at the same time being thought provoking and engaging for the viewer.


Catherine is becoming continuously depressed and slightly paranoid with everything that is going on. There is definitely a feeling that Catherine can’t and wont catch a break anytime soon.


“I wanted to make sure I knew where he was till he was back inside.”



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