The drama continues! Catherine really can’t catch a break so far in the series. The even existence of Tommy Lee Royce keeps her busy, grumpy and just sad, all the time.


This week new evidence arises that leads to the arrest of none other than Sean Balmforth. He was noticeably absent from last weeks episode. It was only a matter of time before the Police picked him up after Catherine spotted him in his white van, driving down a known prostitute street.


However guilty he seems to appear, and the evidence against him, it seems far too simple for him to be the serial killer. Of course one murder the audience already knows about was not committed by Sean. Johns recent antics might be catching up with him if Claires new boyfriend, Neil, decides to come clean about his past.


A young farmer is also an interesting character. He has been a kind of side story line, unconnected to the main plot. However he has cropped up again this week. It could be nothing, he does not appear to have any traits of a serial killer, then again, it would make a good twist. Every new character in Happy Valley is bound to be of some importance to the main plot.


This series is already keeping an audience on their toes. When you think things can’t get any worse for Catherine, they do. The story can be slightly squeamish and nasty at times, however its popularity just shows how well it has been written by Sally Wainwright.

“Never goes away does it? He’ll never go away.”


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