‘Happy Valley’: Series 2, Episode 5 | TV Review

happy valley4


The penultimate episode of Happy Valley includes another murder with the police no closer to finding the person responsible.


The latest murder followed the same pattern of the others. However it happened while Sean Balmforth was in custody. Therefore all the other murders he was charged with are now under further investigation. Something John will be less than pleased about. This is a massive setback for the police. However the ending of this episode suggests they may soon learn who the serial killer has been.


Meanwhile the mystery of the scalextric birthday present is still puzzling Catherine. With a little help from Daniel and Claire they may have finally realised why Ryan is asking about Tommy Lee Royce more often than before.


Viewers will have been shouting at the television for the last couple of weeks. One issue that has been raised by viewers is the speech of some of the characters. Some words are hard to hear, particularly from Catherine and Claire, but mostly from Frances. The Scottish accent coupled with the actresses rather unusual normal voice is definitely hard to hear. It has got better but still slightly inaudible.


With the final episode coming up, everything will become clear. Hopefully it is a happy ending for Catherine. It will be particularly interesting to see what happens to John, who surely, cannot get away from the skeletons in his closet.



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