‘Happy Valley’ Writer Sally Wainwright Wants More ‘Northern Voices’ In The Media | TV News

Happy Valley


Following the immense success of Happy Valley, a gripping drama following the story of police officer Catherine Kaywood, Its writer Sally Wainwright has already hinted at the prospect of a third series… If our hearts can take it.


She is also well-known for her writing in Last Tango in Halifax, another successful northern drama. Happy Valley has been a hit for the BBC and has already had two series, regularly getting 8 million of us glued to the screens wondering if it really is that grim up north!


Now Sally Wainwright wants to go further by introducing more “northern” voices into mainstream programming. She believes we have become too accustomed to “posh southern voices“. She also hinted that northern accents lend themselves to “dry wit” and create “down to earth humour” that viewers from across Britain appreciate.


Sally’s mantra of “I’m going to tell it like I remember it, really grim” has definitely resonated with audiences and has made her one of the best TV writers of the modern era. She is also great at wetting the appetite for drama, as shown when asked if Happy Valley series 3 could happen; She said: “I hope it’s left in a place where people will feel satisfied but equally there is more to say“. Stay tuned for more!



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