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Ford blade runner 2


With a Blade Runner sequel confirmed by director Ridley Scott, the main focus has now shifted to Harrison Ford and whether the Star Wars actor will return to an iconic role which still to this day remains a celebrated figure in film history. Harrison Ford in his recent career has got into the habit of reprising classic characters back on the silver screen, so it would not be a complete and utter surprise if the hollywood veteran decides to join the cast of Blade Runner 2.


It is well documented that Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford had many creative disagreements with each other when filming Blade Runner back in 1982 so the main priority for the second instalment is to make sure such encounters don’t occur as it could potentially damage the credibility of the sequel. Harrison Ford is an ageing star with very little opportunities left for him to diversify in his career and therefore he is left with no other alternative but to return to the science fiction genre he helped immortalised.


Whether the decision to return back as Blade Runner will affect Harrison Ford’s reputation in a negative way still remains unclear, but there will be a number of his fans that will feel disappointed by Ford’s constant need to repeat character roles out of familiarity. Ford is incapable of taking career risks and gamble with the roles he performs on screen, instead the 73-year old actor continuously remains cautious and vigilant as his star image still holds a vital and significant influence over the creative decisions he decides to undertake.



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