Harrison Ford To Announce Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Theme Park Details | Film News



You read that right folks, the great Han Solo himself will be responsible for relaying information regarding the planned Star Wars zones coming to Disneyland. The actor is set to appear in the upcoming ABC TV Special The Wonderful World of Disney: Disney 60, in which he will reveal to fans what they should expect and what there is to see.


Though the actual project has only been discussed very briefly in the past, Disney’s COO Tom Saggs revealed during a press conference that the zone will be “the most immersive land we’ve ever built because we want to feel like they’ve stepped into the world of Star Wars”. He also made hints regarding some of things visitors might be able to do, stating “Yes, people will be able to fly the Millenium Falcon”.


This will perhaps be the second time in which a major theme park takes on the world of Star Wars, as before Disney’s acquisition of the brand, many Legoland parks featured miniland versions of the franchise. We look forward to learning more about the park’s development, and hope to beat the crowd and be the first in line!


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