Harry Styles Groped On Stage By Fan | Music News

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Harry Styles Groped On Stage By Fan | Music News

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Twitter had a lot to say about a fan that reached out and grabbed Harry Styles‘ crotch during his performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Fans took to social media October 22, 2017 after a fan-recorded video was released from the October 21 performance at CBS Radio’s annual ‘We Can Survive’ breast cancer concert.


While preforming “Kiwi” during his set, Styles walked to the front of the stage. Feeling the energy from the song, Styles‘ got down on his knees in front of the crowd and a fan reached out and touched the singer.



Video surfaced on Twitter of the event and fans launched the #RespectHarry hashtag to show solidarity.



While Styles’ has yet to release a statement about the event, fans are defending the singer and launching a conversation about sexual assault.





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