Harry Styles Sets The Stage Alight At The O2 Arena | Music News


London music fans went crazy on Wednesday night as pop artist Harry Styles held his first appearance at the O2 Arena. The singer has planned two shows in the Arena and on Wednesday, 12.000 people filled the venue and became part of the first magnificent concert full of pop and soft rock music, great style and unique dancing moves.



The ex-One Direction member continues his successful career, having released his first solo album back in 2017 and now the time has come for his songs to be heard live on tour. Many hits were played throughout night and the crowd has been grooving to the tunes of “Only Angel“, “Woman“, “Ever Since New York“, “Two Ghosts“, “Carolina” and “Stockholm Syndrome” to name a few.



“I’ve lived in London for about seven years now and I very much feel like I’m coming home now, thank you for being so welcoming to us. And I think it’s going to be quite fun” the star said. Well, it is really perfect to have you back in town Harry.



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