‘Haunting Of Hill House’ Creator Making Another Netflix Horror Series | TV News


Mike Flanagan has become a major name in horror over the last few years. Having directed underrated films such as Absentia and Oculus, he then directed the Stephen King adaptations Gerald’s Game and Doctor Sleep, while also helming the popular Netflix series The Haunting Of Hill House.


Considering the success of that show and his larger stature in horror, it’s no surprise that Flanagan is once again teaming up with Netflix on another horror series. This one will be based on young adult horror novelist Christopher Pike‘s book The Midnight Club.


Pike’s novel revolves around a group of teenagers living at a home for terminally ill patients, who get together every midnight to tell scary stories. The group makes a pact that the first one of them to die will attempt to contact the rest of the group from the other side.


Pike was a familiar fixture in the world of pulp teen horror fiction in the 80s and 90s alongside R.L. Stine, so this has a dash of nostalgia to go with its intriguing premise, something that obviously appealed to Netflix.


Anything Flanagan is involved in nowadays is worth a look, so this should be pretty exciting for horror fans. Flanagan is adapting the book alongside Leah Fong, who is also working on Flanagan’s upcoming Hill House follow-up, The Haunting Of Bly Manor, set to premiere on Netflix next year.



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