HAUS – Don’t Care Enough | Music Video

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HAUS – Don’t Care Enough | Music Video


HAUS has just released their new music video for the song “Don’t Care Enough”, the song is part of the band’s debut album titled SWYSEP. The provocative video that accompanies “Don’t Care Enough” was inspired by the election of Donald Trump as US President. The video shows the life of an American soldier in North Korea and it is violent and melancholy.


Speaking about the video, the director Matt Halsall said: “living in Seoul during the American election it made me realize how interconnected we all are. With South Korea and North Korea still at war and 20,000 American soldiers stationed in South Korea, the American election is something that has very real consequences for the people of Korea.”


The record itself is a complaint against the modern society, with front man Ashley Mulimba explaining,
“we live in a society now that oppresses our creativity and originality. A society that separates us makes us compete against each other. We blame society, but we are society. We can change.”


HAUS will be performing in a lot of festival this year, check out their tour date on their Facebook page. Watch the video for “Don’t Care Enough” below.




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