Hayley Williams Launches ‘Kiss Off’ Music And Beauty Web Series | Music News


It’s finally here! We are now able to delve into the life of Paramore’s Hayley Williams when it comes to inspirations behind her style, which is something we have been intrigued in, since the birth of the band’s album Riot. What are limits when it comes to Hayley?


In the first episode of the online show Kiss Off – a series of no more than 3 to 5 minutes of mini shows, watch as she incorporate the world of music + beauty with good friend/makeup artist Brian J O’Connor. What better way to kick off the show than taking on the famous flame to the eye David Bowie inspired look from the 1982 alternative film Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains.


As a young teenager, make-up and fashion weren’t Hayley’s main priority. Even until the age of 18, lip balm was something she didn’t contemplate wearing to a photoshoot! It all comes with growing up and finding who you are and what works best for you. A lot of times, less is more.


I never grew up thinking, ‘Oh, I’m beautiful’. Maybe no one does, but I’ve never been someone who relied on my looks to do anything because that was never really something I thought I had to offer”, she stated. “By the time I came around and found makeup, I think we [Paramore] were in Japan and I really loved the way some of the girls looked coming out to the shows. I took some home and I started playing with it. My first eyeliner and eye colour was from Japan. I drew all over my eyes and did this weird cat thing on the inside corners and I realized I didn’t have to use makeup to fit in”.




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