HBO Begin Month-Long Celebration For ‘Game Of Thrones’ 10th Anniversary | Film News


The very first episode of the outstanding HBO series Game Of Thrones aired on April 17, 2011, and HBO has announced a month-long celebration in order to celebrate the show’s decade of existence.


The name of the event is the Iron Anniversary and it began on Monday, April 5. In the US, on HBO Max, a Game Of Thrones spotlight page is now available, with the page highlighting fan-favorite episodes and it also allows the subscribers access to over 150 behind-the-scenes documentaries, cast interviews, and clips.


For the newcomers, on that page, they will be able to find introductions to the vast multitude of characters but also locations that are featured in the show. And for the longtime fans, it will feature more spoilerific content including easter eggs.


Later on April 10, HBO will air a Game Of Thrones ‘Marathrone’ to challenge fans, or people who want to discover the show, to (re)watch the entire series. The challenge will see donations made to 10 charities including Women for Women International, World Central Kitchen, UNICEF, etc.


On top of that, HBO has also announced that they will surprise any couples who got married in a Westeros-themed ceremony with anniversary gifts like barrels of Game Of Thrones-brand wine, custom chalices, or elaborated cakes designed to represent the GOT houses of Targaryen, Stark, and Lannister.


Furthermore, some Game Of Thrones special edition products are on their way. There will be a one-of-a-kind Imperial egg by Fabergé, Funko has also unveiled a new limited-edition run of different Game Of Thrones Pop! Vinyl and the Danish craft beer brewery Mikkeller will be launching a range of beers inspired by the whole saga. This range of beer will start with the Iron Anniversary IPA.


Today, Game Of Thrones has racked up 59 Primetime Emmy Awards including prizes for outstanding drama. On its first diffusion, the very first episode pulled in a remarkable 2.22 million viewers. With the end of the eight-season run, the series pulled in 13.61 million viewers for the final episode ‘The Iron Throne’.


However, this will not mark the end for all Westeros fans. Indeed, this is only preparing us for the latest title in the franchise, House Of The Dragon, which is slated to begin production this year.


Watch the teaser for the anniversary event here:




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