HBO Drops First Trailer For ‘McMillions’ Docuseries | TV Trailer


True crime remains all the rage right now, but how does McDonalds and Monopoly fit into the genre? All will become clear in HBO’s new docuseries, McMillions, a six-part series exploring how a security auditor was able to rig and defraud McDonalds’ popular Monopoly game and created a criminal empire of people winning cash and expensive prizes.


If this story rings a bell, it’s likely due to two things. First, Jeff Maysh‘s original article at The Daily Beast chronicled the story exceptionally, and was some of the best writing of last year. Second, Ben Affleck has signed on to direct Matt Damon in a feature adaptation of the tale.


Luckily for HBO, they’ve got there first. This should be fascinating, regardless of whether audiences already know the story or not. Thankfully, unlike a lot of true crime, this isn’t a story revolving around a grisly murder or a mysterious disappearance. It’s a big corporation getting fooled in a bizarre way, a more low-stakes criminal story for once.


James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte directed the series. It arrives on HBO sometime in 2020.



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