HBO Hacks Continue, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Episodes Leaked | TV News


The HBO hacks have expanded; focus is no longer solely on Game of Thrones and its executives, but also on the Larry David-fronted comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm. Several upcoming episodes were leaked from the show, as well as others including Insecure and yet to premiere titles Barry, and The Deuce.


Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm was scheduled to return in October after 9 years of fans waiting in anticipation. The unexpected early release is yet another hit to TV giant HBO, but likely won’t force the network into submission. So far the hacks have done nothing to cripple HBO in the way that Sony was devastated in 2014, but only time will tell how serious the breach becomes.


In terms of ending the attack, the network has stated that they “are not in communication with the hacker“, despite the leak of a message HBO had allegedly sent the attacker detailing a $250,000 offer last Thursday. Nonetheless, they ascertain that they have no interest in playing “a game” and will “continue to do what [they] do best”.



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