HBO Max Releases First Trailer For Pandemic-Themed Romantic Heist ‘Locked Down’ | Film Trailer


HBO Max has released the first trailer for Locked Down, the new film from Doug Liman that stars Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor.


Half of the film’s premise should be very familiar to most of us, as it follows a married couple whose relationship is beginning to crumble under the stress of the COVID-19 lockdown. However, the film then turns into a heist movie, as the couple team up to steal an expensive diamond from Harrod’s.



The trailer has an odd tone. The film feels a little stitched together with the Zoom conversations, marriage troubles and heist plot. There’s also the odd feeling that the film has been rushed in an effort to make something pandemic-related, but not something too real and depressing, so they settled on a heist movie instead.


Liman is usually at the helm of big movies like Edge Of Tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see how he handles something smaller like this, while also juggling the heist aspect of the film. The film also stars Stephen Merchant, Mindy Kaling, Ben Stiller, and Ben Kingsley.


We’ll see how Locked Down fares when it arrives on HBO Max on Thursday, January 14. Will it be a fun distraction? Or a misguided attempt to mine these tough times for profit?



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