HBO Plans Three More ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spinoffs | TV News


Since the end of the phenomenal Game Of Thrones series in 2019, many other shows that extend from the series’ universe are in production at HBO.


The best known of these is House Of Dragon, the direct prequel to the series, which will tell the story of the feuds within the Targaryen clan in the years before Daenerys came into the world, and is due to begin airing next year.


However, it doesn’t end there, according to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO are also planning three new Game Of Thrones spinoffs.


The first, created by Bruno Heller and preliminarily titled 9 Voyages, follows Lord Corlys Velaryon, also known as Sea Serpent, who will appear in the prequel series House Of The Dragon. Although not present in the original series, this character, played by Steve Toussaint, is already present in the George R.R. Martin novels.


The second series, entitled 10,000 Ships, will follow Princess Nymeria, a warrior queen who will found the kingdom of Dorne. As for the last one, Flea Bottom, this series will take place in King’s Landing, and more specifically in the district that gives its name to the series. A place dominated by poverty and infested by evil beings. However, the narrative hasn’t been received.


We have no further information on casting, storyline, shooting, and release dates, but will keep you posted as these spinoffs develop.



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