HBO Releases Trailer For Documentary ‘Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall’

She was just doing her job. Then she ran into a psychopath…

HBO have released the trailer for their upcoming true-crime documentary, Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall. The two-part documentary will explore the murder of Swedish journalist, Kim Wall, who went missing in August 2017.

Wall had arranged to interview Danish entrepreneur Peter Madsen, and boarded his homemade submarine Nautilus in Køge Bugt, Denmark. The submarine was set to return to harbour in Copenhagen, but instead was found sunken the following morning. Madsen was rescued from the water, but Wall was nowhere to be found.

Over the following months, Wall’s dismembered body was found in different locations around the area. Madsen was subsequently charged with her murder and sentenced to life in prison in April 2018.

The documentary will be directed by Erin Lee, and is split into two parts titled “The Crime”, and “The Punishment”.

The trailer illustrates that the documentary will focus on how the case was portrayed in the media, most notably how the media victim-blamed Wall for the way she was dressed and putting herself in a dangerous position. We also see interviewees refer to the case as a “circus“, and “the most terrifying case ever”.

The two-part documentary will premier back-to-back on HBO on Tuesday 8th March at 9pm and will be available to stream on HBO Max and Sky.

You can watch the trailer for Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall below:


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